Library Catalogue

Photo taken by Emma le Blanc

Photo taken by Emma le Blanc

You can check our online catalogue to see if we have a particular title you are looking for, or browse to see what appeals (for inspiration, check out our REVIEWS page).

The Library now has over 4,000 books donated by individuals and supporters and has a particularly rich collection of adult and children’s fiction.

The catalogue is available as a PDF by clicking on the link:

HGCL Books Catalogue

How to search the catalogue

When you open the PDF of the Library catalogue you will see that it is arranged in alphabetical order of author.

Details given are author, title and the category/subject. The category column tells you whereabouts in the Library the book is shelved e.g. whether it’s fiction, or a non-fiction topic.

  • Right click within the PDF document. This will bring up the basic Find box.
  • you can search the catalogue using this find mechanism or alternatively,
  • select the drop down menu and choose Open full reader search
  • this will open up a more sophisticated search mechanism
  • make sure that you de-select whole words only option (i.e. if there is a tick in the box against this option then remove it)
  • type in your search term and this will find all occurrences of that term within the document
  • you can then select any of the results to find full details.

It is best to search using one term at a time.

Bear in mind that the search facility is looking for an exact match, so ‘cookery’ will not find ‘cooking’, but typing in ‘cook’ will find all the variations in endings (because you have de-selected the whole words only option).

Also, think about alternative words for the subject you are interested in e.g. search on ‘football’ and try a separate search on ‘soccer’.

If you know the title of the book and don’t find the book you want with your first search, try a search with another word from the title, just to double check.

If you can’t find the book you want

We are regularly adding books to the Library collection so the PDF of the catalogue is not right up to date.

If you have any queries phone us when the Library is open, or call in. The library is open:

Monday 11am – 4pm

Thursday 3pm – 5.30pm

Saturday 11pm – 2pm

Phone: 07460 800 229



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