Library Catalogue

You can check our new Online Catalogue to see if we have a particular title you are looking for, or browse to see what appeals. For inspiration, check out our REVIEWS page.

The Library now has over 5000 items donated by individuals and supporters and has a particularly rich collection of adult and children’s fiction.

How to search the catalogue

Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find your items by Title, Author, Keyword or Subject. If you do not know the exact spelling of what you are looking for, try using Keyword to help broaden your search results. You can also use Advanced Search to narrow down the results and browse by particular categories.

If you click on a particular title,  you will see some additional details about that item. The Category and Call no. (if non-fiction) will tell you whereabouts in the library the book is shelved. ‘Availability’ will let you know if the book is ready to borrow, or if someone else has it out already. If so the expected return date will be provided.

Renewing and Reserving Items

You can now Reserve and Renew your books online by using the login feature. Username is set to default surnamefirstname and the password will be your four digit membership number. Please contact us if you require a password reminder or reset.


Books renewals will not show in your account straightaway. A request will be sent to the HGCL team to action, at which point you will receive an email to confirm if your request has been approved. There is a limit set to five online renewals, at which point you may be asked to visit the library in person. A request for renewal may also be denied if someone else has reserved the same title. At which point you will be asked to return the book to the library as soon as possible.


If you reserve a title you will be notified by email when the item is ready to be collected from the library.

If you can’t find the book you want

We are regularly adding items to the Library collection, but if you would like to enquire about a title not currently available on the catalogue, please do ask, as we often have items waiting to be processed.

If you have any queries phone us when the Library is open, or call in. The library is open:

Monday 3pm– 6pm

Thursday 3pm – 6pm

Saturday 11pm – 2pm

Phone: 07460 800 229



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