Pictures from 10th July Art Workshop


Art Workshop

a”On Thursday 10th July 2014 Harrow Green Community Library hosted an Art Workshop for 8 – 11 year olds as part of the 2014 Leytonstone Arts Trail. It was run by local artist and supporter of the library Jo Grant and the children participating in the workshop used a variety of printing techniques to produce a personalised work based on their name. Click here to see what they achieved

Amira, a volutnteer on work experience at the library, assisted with the workshop, and below shares her experience of the workshop and of working in the library.

It was an honour to have taken part in the arts/crafts workshop on Thursday 10th July. It gave me a chance to work with young children and be able to feel part of a community. Harrow Green Community Library has made me feel that way because of the friendly environment and wonderful people to work with with. To able to work here has allowed me to enhance my skills and give me an opportunity to use them.”

Amira A library volunteer