Creative Writing Workshop 7th March

HGCL Creative Writing Workshop

Next workshop is on Friday 7th March at 1-3pm in the Library at the Epicentre  for directions see Find us 

Our first creative writing workshop held in the library on 7th February 2014 proved to be an excellent and encouragingly creative experience.

What we did

The workshop was led by Derek Smith a local published writer, along with his daughter Leah. Derek has written books for adults and children and regularly leads classes on writing. In this session he focussed on short story writing and took us through an intriguing process, by the end of which we had all described a setting, a key character and had the beginnings of an idea or plot for our stories. Derek finished the session by giving us two questions to consider to progress our stories.

Who attended

Equally intriguing was the range of skills and experiences represented by the eight participants. This included: participants who had published a little and a lot; who wrote occasionally or regularly but had never sought publication; who had never contemplated writing creatively before.

The different experiences and perspectives added to the supportive nature of the workshop and contributed to the useful feedback given to those who read out some of their writing done in the workshop or previously.

What we got from the workshop

Comments from participants:

I have never considered writing anything other than a letter so had no idea how to go about starting a story.  Derek led me through the steps easily and before I knew it I had the start of a plot.”

“It was informative to hear about the author’s work and writings and the short story and character task really stretched my imagination, specifically when considering descriptions of people and places, it will prove very useful in my future endeavours.”

“This was my first participation in a workshop of this nature. Attended out of curiosity. Derek proved to be a good mentor and helped us to start and structure a story. In the future I will return to join!”

The workshop was very enjoyable with a good mix of people – it was a nice way to spend an afternoon.”

What now?

Our aim is to run these supportive workshops on a regular basis and hopefully be able to publish some of our work. Derek’s session was a one off but he may be able to run others in the future. We would also like to investigate specific topics such as self-publication. We are applying for funding to support these activities.

In the meantime we need to plan how best to develop the interest and skills of participants. If you who would like to be involved or help run sessions please contact us via the library email at and please put ‘Writing group’ in the subject line.